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Premium Aquatics: Bubble Magnus 180CS Protein Skimmer.┬áRegular price $499.99, now only $449.99! Salty Critter:Tunze Master DOC 9460 Skimmer . Regular $1915.74, now only $1139.00. HelloLights: 12 Inch AquaIllumination SOL 1 Module LED Lighting System.┬ánow only $509.95! Marine Depot: 30% OFF 14000K Metal Halide Bulb – Phoenix, Double-Ended. That Pet Place: 15% Off aquarium filters, bulbs […]

The fish store where I work, The Hidden Reef in Levittown, PA had a breeding trio of Gobiesox sp. Clingfish that laid eggs. The male stood guard over the cluster of eggs, fanning them and keeping them clean and safe. About a week later, a second mass of eggs right next to the first mass […]

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