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Avast Marine, makers of the Swabbie, have introduced their newest product, the CS2 Black Pearl Recirculating Code Skimmer. Not to rip off Pulp Fiction, but “it’s the one that says Bad A$$ @#$^#$ %#$@#$”. Ok, well, it doesn’t really say that, but it should. This thing is absolutely like nothing you’ve ever seen before (well, […]

Earlier this week, we submitted part 1 of the Reef Dynamics XRC2000 Video, well, here is the complete version. We left part one with the Reef Dynamics XRC2000 ready to be filled. If you’ve already watched part 1, skip ahead to 3:10 in the video timeline. You will see the skimmer being filled with the […]

The commercial sized recirculating Skimz TurbMagnum ST600 is designed for nano tank up to 20 gallons. Ok fine, it’s designed for commercial farms, large public aquariums and other large aquatic setups. The newly developed Hybrid Needlewheel Impleller (HNI) increases the air intake, and makes this skimmer extremely efficient. This large protein skimmer uses a bubble […]

NextReef is blasting into 2011 by working on prototypes for a new line of NextReef Protein Skimmers! The new line will feature 6″ and 8″ internal/external recirculating protein skimmers, sporting the slick blue “look” unique to NextReef. Here are some photos of the prototype being used at several stores around the country. These are courtesy […]

The RC350 Protein Skimmer was just unveiled by Euro-Reef. Euro-Reef’s popular RC Series Protein Skimmers utilize a mixture of cast acrylic tube, cast acrylic sheet along with custom made acrylic and pvc parts. Each of the RC Series Skimmers are hand made in the US, and are made per the client’s specifications. The Euro-Reef RC350 […]

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