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Ever wonder just what goes into the product design and build on one of the most important components in your reef tank? Well, Jeff from Reef Dynamics takes us through the entire process of building Twin INS1000 Protein Skimmers. The INS1000 is a unique in-sump recirculating protein skimmer. It uses 4 pumps, 2 for feeding […]

The MRC Orca Pro II protein skimmer from My Reef Creations has become a popular choice for large public aquariums and serious hobbyists alike. The MRC Orca Pro II features MRC’s air aspirator technology and is powered by the Reeflo Dart Gold pump. This particular unit is running on a 400 gallon coral system with […]

For a while now we’ve been writing about the various Skimz products. Well, as of today, March 14, 2011 Skimz Marine is offering Skimz products to the US market. You can check out the E-series protein skimmers, E-Series Calcium Reactors, Zeolith reactors, iBox Nano tanks, to the OM 2500 Overflow Box. Tons of cool products […]

The AquaMaxx Hang on Back (HOB) Series protein skimmers are rated for tanks ranging between 50 and 100 gallons. The particular design, made of cell-cast acrylic, makes the skimmer makes it light enough to fit on nanos, and other smaller tanks. A neat feature about these skimmers, is that the cup is actually moved up […]

The commercial sized recirculating Skimz TurbMagnum ST600 is designed for nano tank up to 20 gallons. Ok fine, it’s designed for commercial farms, large public aquariums and other large aquatic setups. The newly developed Hybrid Needlewheel Impleller (HNI) increases the air intake, and makes this skimmer extremely efficient. This large protein skimmer uses a bubble […]

NextReef is blasting into 2011 by working on prototypes for a new line of NextReef Protein Skimmers! The new line will feature 6″ and 8″ internal/external recirculating protein skimmers, sporting the slick blue “look” unique to NextReef. Here are some photos of the prototype being used at several stores around the country. These are courtesy […]

We revealed the release of the New SKIMZ Monzter E Series protein skimmers back in may, where now we bring you some visuals. The SKIMZ Monzter E Series is the result of the integration of cylindrical and cone shaped skimmer chambers. This new design, SKIMZ believes, successfully minimized pre-mature bubble bursting and surface agitation. This […]

Here’s a great video of a 250 gallon reef system comprised of a 150 gallon display tank, a 50 gallon refugium, and a 50 gallon sump. This system is the result of an upgraded from a previous 75 gallons reef tank. The 50 gallon refugium is home to a beautiful mantis shrimp. Located at the […]

The Internal Mini Protein Skimmer 115 by AquaticLife is a compact skimmer, ideal for nano reef tanks up to 30 gallons. Sporting a streamlined design, the Internal Mini Protein Skimmer 115 uses a needle wheel impeller to increase air-to-water contact, and therefore eliminate more organic waste. Designed for internal placement, this protein skimmer has an […]

SKIMZ Aquatics, is a Singapore-based company dedicated to building advanced marine equipment for both professionals and hobbyists. Founded in 2000, SKIMZ has developed protein skimmers, reactors, overflow boxes, pumps, media, additives, lighting, testing equipment and more. SKIMZ Aquatics’ current line of Monzter Skimmers currently includes the Skimz Monzter SM110, SM150, SM180 and SM200, SM250 and […]

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