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Many hobbyists invest in the large, elaborate, extensive systems we are used to seeing on the web. Well, every wanted something unique, small, low maintenance, and is absolutely bitchin’? Well, the Ecoxotic EcoPico desktop aquarium may be just what you’re looking for. The EcoPico is an elegant, rimless glass cube, with no bulky filter, no […]

The good people at CAD Lights Aquariums have joined the pico and nano markets with their recent addition of 4, 8, and 20 gallon Mini Series tanks. CAD Lights Aquariums is better known for their 39 gallon all in tank plus sump setups, but with the help of the exceptionally well priced Mini Series’, their name will be tossed around a bit more.

For years reef hobbyists have been fascinated by nano and pico aquariums. Their size enables them to be more affordable and easily placed, making it a great fit for most anyone looking to dive into the hobby. In the past, most setups needed to be retro-fitted with handcrafted lighting and filtration, but now you can buy full […]

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