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Orphek has stepped up their game, quickly racing towards the top of the LED aquarium lighting market. ReefTools recently introduced the Orphek PR-156 to our community, now we would like to introduce its big brother, the Orphek Nilus. The Nilus looks very similar to the PR-156 since Orphek maintained the stylish designed. The biggest changes […]

Orphek was contracted by an unspecified government marine research institution to design a variation of the DIF100XP. The amount of LEDs covering a broad range of color spectrums makes me vary curious of its final intended use and what type of research it is being used for. In a nut shell the PR25XP consist of […]

Photo Credit: Avinoam Swissa Orphek has broken through the ceiling of complexity with their new DIP XP series. They have developed a true LED replacement for metal halide lights. Orphek’s research and development team was tasked with the problem of low lumens per watt when using blue LEDs. Orphek is about to release the first […]

There is a lot of buzz going around the reef community about the Orphek PR-156 LED Fixtures. We are very impressed with what we’ve seen so far. The Orphek PR-156 fixtures are packaged with dual timers and hanging kits. Not to mention they are very sharp looking, especially the white unit. Here are a couple […]

Premium Aquatics: 14K 250watt HQI Double End Halide Bulb – Phoenix. Regular price $64.99, now only $55.99! Salty Critter:20% OFF all ZeoVit additives. HelloLights: 24 Inch Coralife Lunar Aqualight T5 Lamp High Output Fixture. Regular price $205.95, now only $172.95! Marine Depot: Orphek PR-25 (12 LEDs) Dimmable LED Pendants. Save $40. That Pet Place: FREE SHIPPING on […]

Orphek just announced the release of their latest LED product, the T-8 formfactor LED tubes. These new LED tubes, will now fit into regular T5 fixtures, with the use of an included adapter from Orphek, and will then be powered directly by the fixture. This means that no additions power source or cords are needed, […]

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