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With the recent cold spells sweeping through Florida a lot more than produce crops have suffered. The climate changes have left the once moderately warm coastal waters dangerously chilled. The Ocean Reefs and Aquariums Team opened up their facilities to house sea turtles. In addition to rescuing and caring for the stunned creatures, they tagged […]

Back in March, we told you that ORA announced captive bred mandarins, then a few days later, we showed you the ORA captive bred Mandarins at the Global Pet Expo in Orland. Well, ORA has now released their first batch of 100% aquacultured spotted mandarins. Again, these captive bred mandarins have been trained to feed […]

ORA has just introduced their latest variety, the ORA Black Ice Semi-Snowflake (Amphiprion ocellaris). The Black Ice Semi-snowflake is the result of ORA crossing a Black Ocellaris with a Snowflake. Their initial goal was to design a Black Snowflake, but instead the result was an orange clownfish, with intense black markings. The ORA Black Ice […]

Introducing the ORA Black Saddleback Clown. This new ORA clownfish is a true Black Saddleback, rather than the more common brown morph. Since it is considered one of the more difficult species to breed, ORA is thrilled to finally be breeding it in captivity. These true Black Polymnus are unique in that they are marked […]

ORA has just released a fiery red aquacultured gonipora. This ORA Gonipora is bright red with purple mouths, and should be shipping to local fish stores shortly. This great new coral from ORA will add a splash of red to your tank (which is so hard to come by). ORA has been growing this strain […]

Earlier this week we reported that ORA is preparing to release their captive-bred Mandarins. Well, we had a chance to look at them this week at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando. The ORA captive-bred mandarins looked plump and happy, swimming around the ORA reef tanks. A few photos show off the ORA Pearlberry, ORA […]


There’s an air of anticipation at ORA this week as we are introducing our newest designer clownfish – The Platinum Percula. While watching these fish grow over the last few months it was amazing to watch their development. One of the pleasures of selective breeding is the serendipity of an unexpected result and the subsequent unfolding of traits not predicted. That was the case with this latest offering, and the excitement of watching the growth and development of a new strain was difficult to contain.

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