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In this Fish Tank Kings video, Francis helps out Tennessee Aquarium curator Thom Demas with an Giant Octopus Emergency. A giant pacific octopus was extremely unhappy in it’s exhibit, and had to be moved to a small holding tank. After close inspection, the rock in the octopus exhibit was almost “sponge-like.” A sample of the […]

A recent study revealed that mosquitofish and college students might poses the same numerical skills. Not the strongest fight for academics, but a huge triumph for the fish. Several different lab experiments were conducted and the results were conclusive that the mosquitofish not only could count, but due to their craving for social interaction they […]

National Geographic News published a great article on the scientific reasoning for the never diminishing sharpness of sea urchin’s rock-crushing chompers. Researches used high-resolution x-ray imaging to discover that the urchin’s teeth are a combination of two types of calcite crystals that overlap in a crosswise pattern. The teeth peel away as they become weak […]

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