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This cool Flatworms High Definition video from Morphologic Studios, shown at 3x the actual speed, depicts to movement and behavior of these “cute” little things. Also known as Red planaria, this common pest will rapidly grow in numbers in tanks with elevated nutrient levels. At high population levels, red planaria can cover corals and block […]

The Lynx Nudibranch, Phidiana lynceus, is captured here in High Def by Morphologic Studios. This nudibranch, which feeds on hydroids, uses the utmost care in minimizing the amount of stinging it absorbs as it attempts to feed. Impressively, the lynx Nudibranch is able to separate both the stinging nematocysts and photosynthetic zooxanthellae from the ingested […]

Oyster Vision, the the latest video from Mophologic Studios, features the face of a thorny oyster, Spondylus americanus. This impressive oyster, has eyes lining the rim of it’s mantle. These lines are only identifying changes in light intensity that might alert the oyster to the presence of a potential predator. In the case that such […]

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