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Marine Depot posted a tutorial video on YouTube showing how to install a JBJ NanoZapp. UV Sterilizers are a popular way to keep the water column sterile in a fish only system. UV Sterilizers are not recommended by most reef hobbyist to use in a coral system.

Marine Depot has teamed up with Hydra Aquatics to offer a nice reward to a lucky winner. All that is required to be entered into the drawing is signing up for their newsletter before April 1st. Pretty simple.

Marine Depot just released an instructional video showing the proper procedure for the use of the Majano Wand. In principle it’s divine, but is it really? In the video it seems very effective on majano anemones, but how is it on aiptasia? In the video the instructor rolls the end of the wand back and […]

Earlier this week, we reported the release of the Hydra Aquatics Retina I LED Fixture. This new arm-like LED fixture from Hydra Aquatics can fit on rimless aquariums with up to 8mm glass. A total of 20 LEDs output a spectrum of about 9500K, which works great for both fresh and saltwater setups. Here are […]

20% off Maxi-Jet 900 & 1200 Powerheads w/ Algae Free Sure Flow Upgrade Kits. Click here to get the code.

Another batch of goodies from Marine Depot Digital Aquatics ReefKeeper Module RKM-SL2 The RKM-SL2 is the newest System Lab module from Digital Aquatics. It’s a big leap forward with fully (and individually,) isolated ph and salinity ports. On top of that, the Digital Aquatics salinity probe is equipped with full digital temperature compensation built in! […]

Marine Depot is now offering 40% off of Precision Supplements. They are currently offering Blue Life Precision Magnesium, Blue Life precision Iodine, Blue Life Precision Strontium, Blue Life precision Potassium,  and Blue Life Precision Calcium. Follow this link to view this special offer

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