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Here’s a hot Aussie Scoly that is coming to LiveAquaria’s Diver’s Den tonight. This particular scoly has a brilliant green center, with yellow, purple, orange and red on the outer rim, and several bright pink stripes. We can’t wait to see who the proud owner is. If you’re interested, remember to check out Diver’s Den […]

The members of the Northern Wisconsin Reef Society (NWRS) are happy to announce our 3rd annual Frag Swap that will be held on April 9th, 2011, co-hosted by : the Upper Peninsula of Michigan Marine Aquarium Society (UPMMAS)! The event will be held at the Quality Inn in Rhinelander, WI on Saturday April 9th, from […]

Extremely rare, the Indonesian Yellow Spotted Bandfish is a timid fish which requires a 3-4″ layer of fine sandy substrate. Similarly to a Jawfish, the Indonesian Yellow Spotted Bandfish likes to burrows. This beautiful bandfish will not do well when housed with aggressive, larger fish. A screen for your reef tank is very highly recommended, […]

We recently reported that Sea Life Aquarium at Legoland is using the new Ecoxotic Cannon Pendants. Well, according to Ecoxotic, it seems that Kevin Kohen and the team at LiveAquaria are experimenting the same lights for their coral growing facility in Wisconsin. Replacing a 400K DE 20K pendant, LiveAquaria has elected to try 3 Ecoxotic […]

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