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Eco-Lamp has beefed up the KR93 Full Spectrum LED system. Along wit the release is a video demonstrating the controllability in the controller. Here are the specs at a glance.

Orphek has stepped up their game, quickly racing towards the top of the LED aquarium lighting market. ReefTools recently introduced the Orphek PR-156 to our community, now we would like to introduce its big brother, the Orphek Nilus. The Nilus looks very similar to the PR-156 since Orphek maintained the stylish designed. The biggest changes […]

Orphek just announced the release of their latest LED product, the T-8 formfactor LED tubes. These new LED tubes, will now fit into regular T5 fixtures, with the use of an included adapter from Orphek, and will then be powered directly by the fixture. This means that no additions power source or cords are needed, […]

The 12W LED Aquarium Light from E.Shine uses optional 30/60/90/120 degree optics to provide the right combination of intensity and blend. Using both bright white and blue LEDs this 12W LED Aquarium light uses CREE or BridgeLux LEDs to ensure consistency and performance. Using a 90 degree optics this LED light puts out the following […]

The TrueLumen Pro LED Striplights from Current USA are comprised of a slim, extruded aluminum strip, packed with bright LEDs. The thermally efficient, water resistant LED light, is versatile, and can be applied in almost any application, be it store-use, canopy, or direct placement (on the aquarium). The aquarium LED lighting Strips come in four […]

A few days ago, we reported the release of the Kessil Lighting A150W LED Aquarium Light. We wanted to report some updated details of this great little aquarium led spotlight. The Dense Matrix LED™ discussed in our initial article, packs 21 chips into an area smaller than a dime, resulting in intense output and smooth […]

Kessil Lighting, manufacturer of innovative LED lighting for the horticulture and aquarium industries has announced the release of the A150W Aquarium light. The A150W LED aquarium light emulates a “point-like source” by using Dense Matrix LED technology. This, Kessil Lighting says, puts out “far more light than the competition”. The goal was to be able […]

A couple of weeks ago, WingoLED provided a sneak preview of the WingoLED Actinic 2.0 LED Light Bars. WingoLED has made several improvements over their original model. They improved heat dissipation while using 1W LEDs for increased output. WingoLED also upgraded their materials for improved durability and water proofing. The Light Bars are available with […]

Many hobbyists invest in the large, elaborate, extensive systems we are used to seeing on the web. Well, every wanted something unique, small, low maintenance, and is absolutely bitchin’? Well, the Ecoxotic EcoPico desktop aquarium may be just what you’re looking for. The EcoPico is an elegant, rimless glass cube, with no bulky filter, no […]

We recently reported that Sea Life Aquarium at Legoland is using the new Ecoxotic Cannon Pendants. Well, according to Ecoxotic, it seems that Kevin Kohen and the team at LiveAquaria are experimenting the same lights for their coral growing facility in Wisconsin. Replacing a 400K DE 20K pendant, LiveAquaria has elected to try 3 Ecoxotic […]

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