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Premium Aquatics: Blue Life, 00123, Lugol’s Solution.┬áRegular price $16.99, now only $6.99! Salty Critter:Aquactinics Solar Flare T5 High Output Fixtures (instock items only) HelloLights: Hamilton Cabo Sun Mini Reflector.┬áRegular price $99.95, now only $76.95! Marine Depot: JBJ Aquascraper 4-in-1 Cleaning Kit. Regular price $15.74 now only $12.74. That Pet Place: 20% Off aquarium filters, bulbs […]

With so much focus placed nowadays on bigger reef tanks, it’s always impressive to see what some people can accomplish in a nano reef tank. Using a pretty basic all in one 12 gallon JBJ nano Cube, Francesco Donnici has put together a fantastic looking tank. Simple aquascaping, and efficiently using every inch of the […]

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