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Giant clams start out like all other clams, as a small larvae floating in the ocean. They begin growing by using the food they obtain from filtering. But at some point, they pick up small algae called zooxanthellae that and a symbiotic relationship which allows the clam to be solar powered. As it continues to […]

Thai Customs officials seized more 856 pieces of protected corals, sea anemones giant clams cowries and sea fans that were being smuggled from Indonesia. The seized cargo was estimated at about $60,000 (that’s a lot of frags) and weighed about 300kg. The items were found by customs officials during a Thai Airways International warehouse search. […]

Giant clams from the Tridacna genus have become very popular amongst reef aquarium hobbyists for their vivid colors and beautiful patterns. However, commonly missed are the additional benefits these clams provide, beyond their aesthetic value. Of the Tridacna genus there are several species of giant clams that are commonly available in the reefkeeping world: Maxima […]

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