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Here is a quick video of how Bernie Marcus, founder and CEO of the Georgia Aquarium, and the rest of the team over at the Aquarium are building an amazing dolphin display: At&T Dolphin Tales. Marcus’ love of the ocean and particularly, big fish, began early on in his childhood. Various accomplishments in his life […]

The Georgia Aquarium is offering $15 general admission tickets from now until March 13, 2011. This new special is valid for adults, children and senior guests; must be purchased by 3/13/2011, and will not be valid after 3/13/2011. check out the Cold Water Quest, Ocean Voyager, River Scout, Georgia Explorer, Tropical Diver, Plant Shark, and […]

The Georgia Aquarium is home to many unique opportunities and attractions for all ages, but on Valentine’s night the aquarium becomes an adults-only retreat. The aquarium, known for hosting sleepovers will be entertaining throughout the evening with cocktails, tasty treats and lectures. The theme of this years event is appropriately titled “Motions of the Oceans” […]

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