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A Fluval G Series filter live action video is finally available. With its Novembe 2009 US retail store release date coming up, the Fluval G has recently been spotted at various industry trade shows including the Las Vegas Superzoo and Chicago Backer shows. The Backer show in Chicago, provided this video of the  new Fluval […]

The final Fluval G Series trailer has been released. This trailer highlights the Hydro Tech Performance Monitor as well as 360 degrees views of the Fluval G Series filters.  We just can’t get over how nice these filters look. The LCD display looks very promising and certainly brings aquarium filters up to a new standard. […]

We introduced the new Fluval G Series of filters in Fluval G Filter from Hagen: Designed by Consumers. Well, here comes the official Press Release from Hagen. The new G Series takes a huge aesthetics leap forward. “The Future of Filtration”, combines sleek appearance with elite performance. Here is the Official Press Release: Rolf C. […]

This is the first o Hagen‘s 3-part series previewing their new Fluval G Series filter. Beginning 2 years ago, Hagen and Fluval had set out to develop the ideal aquarium filter. Hagen and Fluval realized just how important consumer input is to the development of new products, so over the past 2 years, the commissioned […]

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