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Eshopps has just released their new website. The new and much improved design is dynamic, and is more heavily focused on graphics and images. Product pages are easily reached through a new navigation system. The home page is primarily flash, so those of you on any Apple mobile device (i.e. iPhone iPad) will be unable […]

We have decided to consolidate the deals and discounts sections: Premium Aquatics: IceCap 400watt NEW Style Halide Ballast $99.99, regular price $184.99 Marine Depot: 20% off Hamilton Cayman 250W Sun Reflector USE Coupon Code: CAYMAN250SAVINGS That Pet Place: Eshopps PF Nano Overflow Box – Up to 50 Gallons $39.89, regular price $45.99 Bulk Reef Supply: […]

The new Eshopps Nano Overflow Box is a perfect fit for smaller applications. Many hobbyists have smaller tanks they don’t wish to drill, but still want to benefit from the use of a sump. The Eshopps Nano Overflow Box is relatively low profile, measuring 4×2 1/2″, while handling up to 200 GPH. Solidly built, the […]

Eshopps has just come out with a new Magnetic Probe Holder. For quite a while now, hobbyists have been using DIY versions of this product to hold their various probes in place, but Eshopps has just made everything much easier. Designed from heavy duty acrylic, this dual-purpose holder, will hold your pH and/or ORP probes […]

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