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EcoTech Marine is sponsoring the Coral Restoration Foundation’s Adopt-a-Coral program to help preserve Elkhorn and Staghorn corals off of Key Largo, FL on the Molasses Reef. EcoTech is donating more than monetary support. This video shows Justin Lawyer of the EcoTech team on a dive to plant 60 Staghorn corals in an effort to repopulate […]

Remember the first look at the Radion XR30W LED from EcoTech Marine? Well, the cool new LED fixture is now available for purchase for about $749. Initial response from hobbyists has been positive. As you may or may not know, the Radion XR30W uses: 8x Cree XP-G Cool White LEDs run at 5W each 8x […]

EcoTech Marine is proud to officially introduce the Radion XR30W LED Light. Go to their booth at MACNA to check out an exclusive first look at this new LED light from EcoTech Marine. The Radion XR30w is equipped with 34 energy-efficient LEDs in five controllable colors, hyper red, green, blue, royal blue and cool white. […]

LSS Labratory in Japan has been receiving reports that EcoSmart Drivers mounted close to the tank were being damaged during maintenance. You all know the “oh crap I forgot my hands were wet” syndrome. You’re doing something in the tank, you think to yourself, let me turn down the flow, and sure enough you get […]

From the company that brought us the famous line of VorTech propeller pumps, comes a new Coral Glue. Designed to work with both for gluing frags and aquascaping, Coral Glue from EcoTech Marine offers a superior inter-molecular bonding that is easy to apply. Said to set in 10 seconds and cure in 5 minutes, the […]

EcoTech Marine newest propeller pump is an absolute beast! The VorTech MP60w ES Propeller Pump is designed for tanks with 1″ thickness, holding 120 to over1,000 gallons. Building on the same technology that made the MP40w, MP20 and MP10 so popular, the MP60w has the smallest in-tank footprint of any pump blasting out 7,500/gph. Ideal […]

Marine Aquarium Expo will be held at the Seattle Center’s Exhibit Hall on July 23-24, 2011. Organizers expect attendance from hobbyists and businesses from the entire nowrthwest. The Seattle Center is a cultural park that hosts the site of the famous Space Needle, International Fountain, performances by internationally acclaimed theater, ballet, and opera companies. Seattle’s […]

EcoTech Marine has decided to recall the Vortech Battery Backup Cable. The recall includes cables which were supplied with the original IceCap Battery Backup for the Vortech Propeller pumps (although those recalls will be handled through IceCap Inc.). The issue identified by EcoTech Marine, will only affect Battery Backup cables that are used with the […]

The EcoSmart Driver was first introduced by Reef Tools earlier this month, and we have been answering questions about it since. We figured that a video will answer most basic questions regarding the use of the EcoSmart Driver, and in particular, creating a wave. This video, provided by EcoTech Marine, will walk you step-by-step through […]

A few weeks ago we wrote about EcoTech Marine launching their new part store. Check it out, the store has seamlessly been integrated with the EcoTech Marine website. Anything from wet-sides, dry sides, and any component and accessory that makes up the full line of VorTechs is now available directly from ETM, 24/7. Complete with […]

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