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LSS Labratory in Japan has been receiving reports that EcoSmart Drivers mounted close to the tank were being damaged during maintenance. You all know the “oh crap I forgot my hands were wet” syndrome. You’re doing something in the tank, you think to yourself, let me turn down the flow, and sure enough you get […]

The EcoSmart Driver was first introduced by Reef Tools earlier this month, and we have been answering questions about it since. We figured that a video will answer most basic questions regarding the use of the EcoSmart Driver, and in particular, creating a wave. This video, provided by EcoTech Marine, will walk you step-by-step through […]

The EcoSmart Driver for the EcoTech Marine VorTech line will be released at the end of March at retailers all over the world. EcoTech Marine has taken the steps nesseccary to insure that international suppliers will have the EcoSmart Driver in stock in-line with the US release date. For more information about the EcoSmart Driver, […]

The EcoSmart Driver for VorTech Pumps is the latest release from EcoTech Marine. Adding to their groundbreaking VorTechs, EcoTech Marine set out to make setting up and controlling multiple pumps a breeze. The result was the EcoSmart Driver, which allows for new modes and a wider wireless range. “EcoSmart is the culmination of 18 months […]

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