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Here’s a hot Aussie Scoly that is coming to LiveAquaria’s Diver’s Den tonight. This particular scoly has a brilliant green center, with yellow, purple, orange and red on the outer rim, and several bright pink stripes. We can’t wait to see who the proud owner is. If you’re interested, remember to check out Diver’s Den […]

Extremely rare, the Indonesian Yellow Spotted Bandfish is a timid fish which requires a 3-4″ layer of fine sandy substrate. Similarly to a Jawfish, the Indonesian Yellow Spotted Bandfish likes to burrows. This beautiful bandfish will not do well when housed with aggressive, larger fish. A screen for your reef tank is very highly recommended, […]

A lot of you have asked for the second part in this series, so here it comes. If you have not had a chance yet, check out ReefTools visits Drs. Foster and Smith and LiveAquaria part 1. We have visited LiveAquaria now for a second time this year, so we will incorporate photos from both […]

LiveAquaria has added a real gem to their Diver’s Den section. This Aussie Spiny Seahorse Female, Hippocampus angustus, is very hard to find in the US. In their usual fashion, the crew at LiveAquaria has quarantine this seahorse for over a month, and have trained it to eat HUFA enriched live adult brine shrimp, frozen […] just released a notice about June’s Limited Edition DFS Captive Grown Corals. We can all look forward to seeing Northwood’s Strawberry Shortcake on Diver’s Den shortly. This Acropora microclados looks to have a green body with brilliant pink growth tips. We can’t wait to see these frags sold and grown into colonies like the […]

The DFS Super Blue Tenuis is incredible. The incredibly bright blue Acropora tenuis from LiveAquaria is available in limited quantities on Diver’s Den. This coral, collected in Australia, has only been available since the beginning of May, so make sure to check it out and pick up one of the few frags left. You’ll also […]

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