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This summer, CoralVue will be releasing a 4 stage 100 GPD controllable product-to-waste water ratio RO/DI unit. This sleek RO/DI unit is currently being tested by CoralVue for safety, efficiency, reliability and ease of use. This RO/DI unit comes with a system controller, and a digital TDS monitor which shows your the TDS of the […]

CoralVue will soon be stocking the new NEUCO┬áDeep Blue Star 20K metal halide lamps. These metal halide bulbs produce a color and crispness that rivals that of the ever popular Radium 20K bulbs. NEUCO designed the Deep Blue Star to provide continuous, quality, blue spectrum. Many hobbyists turn to a 20K bulb to bring out […]

CoralVue has just released Bio-spheres, a pure solid carbon source designed to reduce nitrates and phosphates. As with other bio-pellets on the market, the Bio-spheres encourage growth of beneficial bacteria and enzymes on the media’s surface. In turn, the bacteria will continuously metabolize nitrates and phosphates in the water column. CoralVue instructs to use 100 […]

HOT NEW ITEMS New Sicce line of pumps with various sizes for all applications! Coming in soon! Coralvue’s Water Blaster 16000 pump! Excellent flowrate of 16000gph.   CV-HY-16000W – $360.00 Current USA’s new TruLumen PRO LED strip lights!  Available in swivel lengths of 12″, 24″, 36″, and 48″ Another Current USA Aquatic LED strip, great […]

In a press release sent out today, Vue Technology announced Chris Conti to be their newest VP. You may already know Chris from his 20 years spent in the aquarium industry. As one of the founders, and a former President of IceCap Inc, Chris developed the popular 660 & 430 ballasts, and was involved with […]

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