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In the latest newsletter, Coral Magazine published an article by Ret Talbot discussing hit experience in Fiji. Talbot describes walking along raceway containing thousands of colonies and frags, in a Lautoka, Fiji facility. With an almost overwhelming number of corals to look at, one seems to catch his eye. Can you guess what it is? […]

Martin A. Moe’s Marine Aquarium Handbook: Beginner to Breeder was named Best Science Book of 2010, reports CORAL Magazine. Recognized as a founder of the aquarium hobby as we know it, Moe was presented by the Independent Book Publishers Association, with the Ben Franklin Award. This award honors outstanding writing and design in independent publishing. […]

Here is a preview of Coral Magazine Magazine May/June Issue. This issue of Coral dedicated it’s cover to Pygmy Seahorses, and highlights Incredible Zoanthids, Underwater Maldives, and The Ultimate Refugium. Here are some preview excerpts: Pygmy Seahorses So tiny and perfectly camouflaged that they escaped the eyes of divers and marine scientists for decades, the […]

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