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Here is a really cool video which is part of the BBC’s “Deadly 60”, which features 60 of the world’s deadliest animals. This particular segment highlights the Mantis Shrimp, and shows it’s incredible power and accuracy. This amazing animal, has had it’s strong claws earn the name “thumb splitters” by divers. You can see in […]

In western Australia, dolphins face an interesting challenge. The fish they feed on, have resorted to hiding in extremely shallow water. “Tail slapping,” a method dolphins use to stun their pray, does not work in this case, so they have implemented a new technique. They build up speed, and then they hydroplane literally onto the […]

In a recent Coral Magazine email, we saw this great BBC video we thought you’d like. The video is titled “Underwater masters of disguise – Wild Indonesia” depicts disguises which have been adopted by many forms of marine life in order to avoid predators. You’ll be amazed at the warning and deception abilities of frogfish, […]

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