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I always see small commensal and symbiotic creatures like guard crabs on corals at the fish store where I work, The Hidden Reef in Levittown, PA. I always leave the guard crabs there because they are good for the corals. Last week I found something on an Acropora millepora I haven’t seen before, so I […]

The D-D NanoScope is a cool little gizmo that makes it easy to see corals, pests and other small creatures up close. The D-D NanoScope opens up a hidden world, and allows the hobbyist to look at their created ecosystem from a new perspective. This powerful little scope magnifies up to 48x actual size, and […]

In 2009 I remember reading an article in TFH magazine about a store called The Hidden Reef in Levittown, PA near Philadelphia. I found myself wishing we had more local fish stores like that nearby. A year later my wish was granted when my husband was offered a job in Philadelphia. At the time I […]

Our fascinations with reef keeping are constantly evolving and completely trend based. Coral collections have become our version of a fashionista’s wardrobe and frag swaps are our fashion week. We are totally trend obsessed, which is why we try to dress our tanks to impress. Corals, not unlike shoes have their own limited run as […]

We’ve already posted many videos if this amazing large reef tank. Here is a video of this large reef tank back in 2009, a quick follow up video, as well as a reef tank evolution video. The “my fishes” update is simply captivating. Available in 1080p HD, this beautiful depiction of the unreal reef tank, […]

Check out this magnificent reef tank. Full of movement and color, this spectacular coral reef makes me green with envy. Take a look at the complete system and take note of the use of a refugium, protein skimmer and canister filter. Started in february 2008, 6 ft, 130g display, 70g sump, 3x MH 400W 20 […] just released a notice about June’s Limited Edition DFS Captive Grown Corals. We can all look forward to seeing Northwood’s Strawberry Shortcake on Diver’s Den shortly. This Acropora microclados looks to have a green body with brilliant pink growth tips. We can’t wait to see these frags sold and grown into colonies like the […]

A few months ago we posted a video of this beautiful reef tank. We were just informed that a new, updated video has just been released. This is a 55 gallon AGA SPS dominated reef tank, with a few LPS and rare zoas. The owner of this reef tank states “A lot of new stuff […]

Check out this incredible top-down of Anagonbe’s tank. This angle give you perspective as to how nice and big these acropora colonies are. This is just another stunning video of this amazing reef tank. With the flow turned off, the visuals are just about as nice as they get. A variety of reef fish are […]

A update to this truly remarkable SPS dominated reef tank by Anagonbe. This beautiful Japanese style reef  aquarium is absolutely stacked with Acropora colonies  which you can see were placed in zones based on growth patterns. The right side of this incredible tank is dominated by tabling Acropora species where the left side displays mostly branching colonies. An amazing stock […]

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