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Kessil has finally released some info about a few long-anticipated new products, the Kessil A350 and the Kessil A350W Tuna Blue LED Aquarium Pendants. Ever since the splash of the Kessil A150W, reef enthusiasts have been waiting to see what Kessil is going to do next. The Kessil A350 provides more than twice the light, […]

We reported the release of the Kessil Lighting A150W LED Aquarium light back in mid March. We wanted to show you a video of the new 14K Kessil A150W in action. This video, shot at the Dolphin Pet Village in Campbell, CA., showcases the new 14K A150W over a reef tank. They love the compact […]

Last week, we reported that Kessil Lighting released the A150W LED Aquarium Light. In a follow up article, we added some more photos and details about the A150W. Well, now it’s time to see it in action. The team over at Atlantis Aquarium have added a couple of YouTube videos showing the A150W LED in […]

A few days ago, we reported the release of the Kessil Lighting A150W LED Aquarium Light. We wanted to report some updated details of this great little aquarium led spotlight. The Dense Matrix LEDâ„¢ discussed in our initial article, packs 21 chips into an area smaller than a dime, resulting in intense output and smooth […]

Kessil Lighting, manufacturer of innovative LED lighting for the horticulture and aquarium industries has announced the release of the A150W Aquarium light. The A150W LED aquarium light emulates a “point-like source” by using Dense Matrix LED technology. This, Kessil Lighting says, puts out “far more light than the competition”. The goal was to be able […]

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