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Reef Aquatica is a CLOWNFISH & MARINE AQUACULTURE specialty reef store, largest selection of clownfish including fancy collector picasso & tequilia sunrise, wide selection of coral colonies & frags , large selection of dry goods to help bring the reef to you. We are here to offer the community a wider selection of Marine Aquaculture fish & inverts. This not only lessen the stress in the ocean but also provide hobbyist with a much hardier organisms. As a clownfish and sun coral collector, we also importsome of the ultra rare clownfishes and corals which you desire. At REEF AQUATICA we take every precaution to ensure that the fish you receive are healthy. Upon arrival, we perform a proper no-cross contamination quarantine procedure. Depending on the availability at the time, some of our fish may have finished a full proper no-cross contamination quarantine period of 4 weeks. At a minimum, we try to have our aquaculture fish quarantine for 7 days before making them available for sale. Visit us online at, for a full inventory and shipping options. Your #1 source for clownfish, and aquarium supplies!

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