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Buy The Reef is a family owned and operated company.  We have been in business for several years and hope to continue to serve you for many more.   Our website division was established in 2008.  We also have a wholesale division that supplies mostly brick and mortar retail shops.

We are happy to offer you a mix of direct from the reef corals and also the best selection from the wholesalers in the United States.  Our business model allows us to offer you not only the best prices but also the best quality.  We work very closely with our overseas collectors, divers, and all of our suppliers, visiting often to personally oversee the collection procedures and uphold our quality standards.  This gives us the ability to ensure that you get the best quality livestock, with the least amount of stress on these extraordinarily amazing animals.  We would not be able to provide you these unique creatures if it wasn’t for our hardworking suppliers.  We are very grateful to them for all of they do for our hobby.

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