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Average guys doing what we all love Saltwater Aquariums. Average Guys Aquatics provides a wide variety of Saltwater Equipment and more. We are here to offer the widest variety of equipment for the everyday guy who just would like to keep a small tank up to the more experienced Reefers who need more advanced equipment. Please see our About Us section to see just a small amount of the brands we carry. We offer all products related to the Saltwater Aquarium Industry. At Average Guys Aquatics we would like for you to put your trust in us to make sure you receive your products in a fast and timely manner and that your product is at the highest quality.

For the Local Market (Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Cleveland we will be setting up delivery dates to help with shipping). In the future we will be doing installations and maintenance to the local Central Ohio Market. We are trying to get the site updated daily. Please be patient this does take time.

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