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At Atlantis Aquarium, we have been propagating and trading corals and inverts for almost 9 years. Being an enthusiastic hobbyist as well as a store owner, has given me the constant drive and opportunity to finding unique and rare pieces. Whether it be color or growth pattern, we’re always on the hunt! That being said, all our ATL (Atlantis) labeled frags have to be unique and special. A lot of our mother colonies have been in our system for 6+ years.

We have many rare and exciting frags from reefers like Steve Tyree (,, and!

Due to the recent outbreaks of acro eating flatworms, redbugs, and montipora eating nudi’s. We recommend everyone take the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of these pests. We use brightwell aquatic reef dip on all corals. We also put many wrasses gobies, and other small reef fish that are natural predators of the pests mentioned.

We are a family owned business and care about the concerns of each customer. We strive to give excellent Customer Service.

If you ever have a concern please be sure to let us know! If you have a coral you think we may be interested in trading, send us an email. Have a great day!

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