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DSPS tank, My Fishes update

Posted on Thursday, December 30th, 2010 at 12:54 pm by

We’ve already posted many videos if this amazing large reef tank. Here is a video of this large reef tank back in 2009, a quick follow up video, as well as a reef tank evolution video.

The “my fishes” update is simply captivating. Available in 1080p HD, this beautiful depiction of the unreal reef tank, left us speechless. From triggers to tangs to angles to platinum clownfish and more, a variety of fish are shown swimming around large acropora colonies, clams, scolys, chalices, anemonies (to name a few).

Please comment below with your favorite fish.

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One Response to “DSPS tank, My Fishes update”

  1. Brian Makowski says:

    Amazing! Love to see it in person and meet the person(s) responsible. Pristine natural beauty at its finest!

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