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ChromeGuppy’s 75 gallon reef aquarium part 1

Posted on Tuesday, September 15th, 2009 at 12:18 pm by

I set this tank up on April 1, 2009. I had about 50 % of the corals in this video in another tank. I custom made the canopy that houses 2 T5 retro fit kits that run 4 (54 watt) bulbs. I swear by Brightwell Aquatics. My personal recipe is Brightwell’s Amino Coral, Amino Omega, Garlic Power,Lugol’s Solution, Calcion-P, MAgnesion-P, and Kalk +2. About 99% percent of the live stock I got at WWC.

We look forward to seeing this tank mature of the next few years. World Wide Corals have a ton of beautiful corals.

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