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ZEOvit DTOTQ Second Quarter of 2010 winner Tony Lebres

Posted on Thursday, April 1st, 2010 at 10:32 am by has announced Tony Lebres as the latest winner of their quarterly display tank contest. The second quarter of 2010 zeovit winner has display tank that is 150x80x50cm and a sump that is 80x45x40cm. Total volume is around 700 liters. Tony uses a 10x80w T5 fixture with 6 x coral Light New Generation, 2 x Fiji Purple and 2 x Superblue bulbs.

That’s running durring 10 hours,
12h // 22h Superblue
13h // 21h fiji purple.
14h // 20h New Generation

System parameters
Alkalinity: 7.5
Calcium: 410 mg
pH: 8.2
Magnesium: 1350 mg
Temperature: 24
Po4 (Phosphate): 0.02 mg
No3 (Nitrate): generally ?? mg
Salinity: 35g PSU
Density: Kg/m^3 (@ 25°C – 77°F)
The salinity is measured with a Refractometer milwaukee MR 100

ZEOvit Products:
1.2 lts of zéo stones reactor 24h/24h.
5 drops Coral Vitalizer 4x/week
Aminoacid 5 drops 4x/week
ZeoFood7 3/4 drops 2x/week
ZeoStart2 0.6ml day
B-Balance 4ml 2x/week
Pohls Xtra 1ml day
Potassium Iodine Fluoride 5 drops 3x/week
Sponge Power 5 drops day
Iode 5drops 2x/week
Water changes 10% a week.
Carbon changes 1/2l every month
Experiences with the products:
The low nutrients and a fine addition of supplements results in a natural water.
Other Miscellaneous Maintenance :
I use Tropic Marine bio activ salt

Ca / KH addition: CACO2 reaktor Shuran Jet Stream I
Water Circulation: 2x tunze 6085( occi-motion comming soon )
ZEOvit Reaktor That’s a Grotech reactor, with 450 litre/h
Protein Skimmer: The skimmer is a ATB replica tunning with a PSK 2500
Fish Feedings: I give pellets from ocean nutrition,

For complete information, please visit this tank on the ZEOvit site.

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