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YouTube Video Makes Waves – Dolphin Stampede

Posted on Thursday, March 1st, 2012 at 4:23 pm by

A video uploaded Feburary 23, 2012 by Dana Wharf using the name DANAPOINTWHALEWATCH is making waves around YouTube, blogs and other social networks. Dana Wharf is a sport fishing and whale watching Adventure Company. The video catches a very large pod of common dolphins racing along side of the Dana Pride as it moved off the coast of Orange County, California. Many people that watch the video mistake the dolphin’s reactions as troubled or in distress. It is common for dolphins to race along the side of large and small vessels in a playful manner, although, pods as large as this are unusual. Some of the comments left on YouTube and other sites blame the boat for ramming into the middle of the pod with no regard for the dolphins safety.

Alisa Schulman-Janiger, who has spend many years researching marine mammals off Southern California, stated she has never witnessed common dolphins showing any negative reaction to boats. I’ve had many experiences with common dolphins chasing and playing along side of my 18’ flats fishing boat. Most of the time they pay little or no attention to use while we are out fishing, but on occasion they will run along side of our small boat within feet of the gunnels while we are on a plain. I’ve even had dolphins spend half a day following us for miles waiting to ambush any released fish. Often we have to trick them, one of us will splash noisily to lure the dolphins to one side of the boat so that the other can quietly release an undersized fish safely.

What do you think? More details on the story can be found here.

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