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White Tang Showcased at World Wide Corals

Posted on Thursday, March 31st, 2011 at 2:48 pm by

What a treat. “Casper” the white tang is on display at World Wide Corals. This beautiful fish is living a good life in one of WWC’s amazing reef tanks. This beautiful 293 gallon reef tank is also home to a Chevron Tang, a Black Tang, Yellow Tang, Achilles Tang, a variety of wrasses and other reef fish. We’ll be updating our readers shortly with new photos and info.

[via WWC]

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4 Responses to “White Tang Showcased at World Wide Corals”

  1. Jennifer Hart-Ackerman says:

    How beautiful!!!

  2. Jun Saysay says:

    I want one!!! Where can I get it? Hows the survival rate in captivity?

  3. REEF2REEF says:

    Been nice to get some credit at R2R for this since this is the only place it is posted. 😉


  4. Your LFS says:

    spray paint + yellow tang = profit

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