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Voyager 1 by Sicce USA the SILENT revolution

Posted on Monday, March 29th, 2010 at 11:55 pm by

The Voyager 1 Stream Pump by Sicce USA is a new, patented stream pump for marine aquariums, nano reefs, and fresh water aquariums. With it’s 360 degree pump rotation, the Voyager 1 Stream Pump can deliver flow rates ranging between 265 and 607 gallons per hour. Using only 8 watts, this powerhead utilizes a rotating head to created variable flow, ideal for reef tanks. This innovative approach offers variability on multiple levels: rate of flow, direction of flow, speed of the rotating deflection, and 360 degrees of pump rotation. The Voyager 1 Stream Pump helps prevent dead spots, leading to cleaner water and improved water parameters. The pump can be mounted using suction cups and magnets.

The Voyager 1 Stream Pump retails for about $42.

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