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Ultimate Reef Tank of the Month May 2011 – Vince’s (ukrimless) SPS heaven

Posted on Wednesday, May 11th, 2011 at 10:21 am by
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Ultimate Reef has released their May 2011 TOTM, Vince’s (ukrimless) SPS heaven. The display tank is 2500mm x 900 x 900, and together with several sumps in the fish room, the system totals at 2500l. The driving design force was to create a modern piece of furniture to compliment a new extension. Well, he succeeded. This absolutely amazing reef tank is beautifully aquascaped, and the coral places/selection is just great. If be looking at the corals and colors you are not jealous, please send us pictures of your tank!

The tank was initially lit by 3 x 400w halides, 1 x 250w and 8no T5, and while the growth and color were great, electrical consumption was just to high. Approximately a year and a half ago, 2 10x54w powermodules were installed, with a pretty even mix of blue/white bulbs.

Flow is supplied by a Laguna return pump with a wavy sea. Additionally, Vince is using 3 large Tunze streams powered by a multi-controller.

Filtration is handled mainly by a HUGE ATB supersize deluxe skimmer. Ozone is constantly running at about 30mg. 2 liters of zeo stones are used in a zeomatic reactor. Although he has used a full blown zeo system before, he’s opting now to simply supplement his skimming. A DaStaCo calcium reactor maintains his calcium/alk in check.

The tank is dosed with 2 drops of Glacial acetic acid (daily), Prodi bio, Pif from zeofit (5 drops a day). Twice a week, mix of b-balance/sponge power/coral snow. 20ml a day of Strontium.

125l water changes are completed every 1-2 weeks.

Fish are fed around 12-16 cubes a day, and Coral Troph is added twice a week.

Fore more info, please visit Ultimate Reef.

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