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TUNZE Nanostreams, Saving Energy and Your Pocketbook

Posted on Friday, February 3rd, 2012 at 1:20 pm by
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You could have the eyesight of a Moray and still see clearly that the reef aquarium hobby is growing. It’s been growing steadily for nearly a decade and a large portion of that growth is thanks to the popularity of nano aquariums. The exact definition of a nano aquarium is as fluid as the water within them, but they’re generally understood to be aquariums in the 30 gallon and under range… or thereabouts. In this miniature realm of saltwater splendor, one family of powerheads has pushed all its competitors out of the way. That family is known as the Tunze Nanostreams.

Smaller aquariums require equipment with smaller footprints and more size-appropriate specs, like rates of flow and energy use. Tunze’s Nanostreams were designed and produced with these exact goals in mind. Starting with the smallest member of the family, the Nanostream 6015, and moving up to the big brother, the controllable, wide flow 6095, all of the Nanostream powerheads have very impressive stats. The 6015, for example, moves 475 GPH while consuming a mere 3.5 watts, while the next in line 6025 moves 740 GPH at a cost of only 5 watts. The 6045 has a unique flow adjusting outlet and can push from 400 to 1190 GPH using 5 to 7 watts.

Energy cost is one thing, pocketbook and wallet costs are another. The Nanostream powerheads are still assembled by hand in our factory in Germany with the precision and high quality materials for which Tunze is known… but we’ve kept the prices low. Three of the Nanostream pumps (6015, 6025 and 6045) retail for less than $100, the smallest of which will set you back less than $39. The next time you see one online or at your LFS, grab it. Your corals and fish will thank you. Remember: just because they’re small, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the best.

Nanostream Features:

  • Propeller technology, wide flow powerheads.
  • High efficiency, silent motors.
  • Magnet holder with 3D adjustable aiming clamp.

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