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Trigger Systems Bursa Protein Skimmers

Posted on Wednesday, May 18th, 2011 at 11:31 am by
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Check out the Bursa protein skimmer from Trigger Systems. This sexy new skimmer feature a pump that is mounted directly below the reaction chamber which allows for better flow through the sump. Accented with red acrylic, the Bursa protein skimmers are rated for 300 gallon systems, use 23 watts and have a 1000 lph of air intake. With an integrated ozone input, the Bursa is ready to plug and play nicely with an ozonizer. If you do not run Ozone on your system, you can simply use the supplied cap to seal the intake. Also, the can Bursa re-circulated air from the skimmer cup, which is a really nice feature (can reduce that wonderful skimmer smell). Again, if you choose not to use this feature, you can easily cap that intake as well.

The Bursa protein skimmer from Trigger Systems has a very nice, and low-profile water level adjustment valve, as well as rubber feet, which reduce vibration and noise. Another nice feature that we are seeing more of, is a silencer on the air intake, which reduced hissing sound. Although it has been a hot topic lately, Trigger Systems chose to use a bubble plate in their design, which reduces turbulence in their cone hybrid design.

These are available from Reef Tools sponsor Premium Aquatics for $454.99.

Photo credit: Premium Aquatics

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