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Squat Urchin Shrimp HD Video from Morpholgic Studios

Posted on Wednesday, June 30th, 2010 at 1:00 pm by

Here’s another great installment from Morphologic Studios. The Squat Urchin Shrimp is found living between the spines of shallow water dwelling sea urchins. The Squat Urchin Shrimp, Gnathophylloides mineri, travels with it’s host urchin, and is therefore protected from any possible predators by the urchin’s spines.

Here is the complete info from Morphologic:

The Squat Urchin Shrimp (Gnathophylloides mineri) is an amazingly successful creature that can be found living amongst the spines of sea urchins throughout most of the world’s shallow tropical waters. In the Caribbean they hitchhike exclusively upon the black and white West Indian Sea Egg (Tripneustes ventricosus), traveling along wherever its host may go. The squat urchin shrimp is very small, reaching no more than 6mm in length, and orients itself parallel with the spines making it all but invisible and protected from a would-be-predator. Often colonies of up to half a dozen squat urchin shrimp of varying sizes will all share the same urchin. Beyond its circumtropical distribution and perfect camouflage, the squat urchin shrimp further demonstrates its successfulness by feeding upon the epidermal tissue of the very spines that grant it protection. This is a relatively benign form of parasitism that doesn’t seem to bother the urchin. These shrimp will also feed opportunistically upon detritus that the urchin picks up as it moves along the sea floor. The squat urchin shrimp is a creature that has found a near perfect niche in a truly self-sustaining, self-contained world of spines.

[via morphologic]

Felicia has been keeping aquariums since the early 90s and has a keen interest in taxonomy, aquaculture, and seahorses. she is the former Liveaquaria Diver's Den photographer and now works for Philadelphia area's largest aquarium specialty store The Hidden Reef.

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One Response to “Squat Urchin Shrimp HD Video from Morpholgic Studios”

  1. Mary-Elizabeth Collins Reed says:

    This is great! There are a lot of really neat urchin shrimps.

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