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Spanish Flagfish, Gonioplecterus hispanus photos

Posted on Monday, March 28th, 2011 at 11:58 am by

Last week, we write about the beautiful Spanish Flagfish available at NJ-based Absolutely Fish. Well, thanks to the great team at Absolutely Fish, we have some more eye candy for you.

Here are photos of Spanish Flag Fish currently at Absolutely Fish, plus 2 others they had in the past. The adult specimen was about 6 inches, while the other one is about 3 inches in length. The one depicted in the video we showed last week, is also about 3 inches.

Remember that in order to catch one of these beauties, divers went down to a depth of 500 feet, a task that took them 2 hours. At that point, they had no longer than 10 minutes to located and catch a Spanish Flag, before beginning an 8 hour trip back to the surface.

photo credit Absolutely Fish

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