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Skimz TurbMagnum ST600

Posted on Friday, February 25th, 2011 at 4:47 pm by

The commercial sized recirculating Skimz TurbMagnum ST600 is designed for nano tank up to 20 gallons. Ok fine, it’s designed for commercial farms, large public aquariums and other large aquatic setups. The newly developed Hybrid Needlewheel Impleller (HNI) increases the air intake, and makes this skimmer extremely efficient. This large protein skimmer uses a bubble plate to reduce turbulence inside the reaction chamber. Producing an absurd amount of fine bubbles, the TurbMagnum ST600 is an absolute beast.

This large commercial skimmer comes with a Self Waching Head (SWH), which Skimz claims increases efficiency by up to 30%. The SWH washes away accumulated skimmate on the riser neck and allows the unit to optimally perform at all times with minimum maintenance. The skimmer is powered by two Reeflow HammerHead pumps, and has a quick release valve for flushing out the chamber.

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