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Skimz SM201 E-Series protein skimmer – Day 2 Video

Posted on Friday, July 2nd, 2010 at 11:28 am by
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We revealed the release of the New SKIMZ Monzter E Series protein skimmers back in may, where now we bring you some visuals. The SKIMZ Monzter E Series is the result of the integration of cylindrical and cone shaped skimmer chambers. This new design, SKIMZ believes, successfully minimized pre-mature bubble bursting and surface agitation. This new design also allows clean water to exit the reaction chamber at it’s base, where it is almost bubble-free.

In addition to the new shape, SKIMZ decided to use a bubble plate. Bubble plates are traditionally used to reduce turbulence within the reaction chamber, and SKIMZ claims it helps them achieve maximum air flow in a compact skimmer. The E Series protein skimmers use the new SKIMZ E Pumps, which were jointly developed with an Italian pump manufacturer. The SKIMZ E Pumps use a new material for their needlewheel impeller, and a seamlessly-coated rare earth magnet, for improved durability and performance. At this time, there are three models available: E4, E8 and E12

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One Response to “Skimz SM201 E-Series protein skimmer – Day 2 Video”

  1. Tim says:

    Looks like they designed this skimmer very well.

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