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Skimz Monzter II will be revealed at Interzoo 2010

Posted on Monday, March 22nd, 2010 at 10:48 am by
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SKIMZ Aquatics, is a Singapore-based company dedicated to building advanced marine equipment for both professionals and hobbyists. Founded in 2000, SKIMZ has developed protein skimmers, reactors, overflow boxes, pumps, media, additives, lighting, testing equipment and more.

SKIMZ Aquatics’ current line of Monzter Skimmers currently includes the Skimz Monzter SM110, SM150, SM180 and SM200, SM250 and SM300 models, which range from 250 – 1500 liters (aprox 66 – 400 gallons) of heavily stocked reef systems. But through their blog, they have released a teaser for their new SKIMZ Monzter II, which is set to be revealed at Interzoo 2010.

The new SKIMZ Monzter II is said to be Small but Powerful. More details will follow soon.

[via SKIMZ]

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4 Responses to “Skimz Monzter II will be revealed at Interzoo 2010”

  1. John Ong says:

    Stay tuned! We will update you with more information soon….

  2. John Ong says:

    Visit us at Interzoo 13 – 16th May:

    HALL 7A stand no. 7A – 314.3

  3. John Ong says:

    We have new SKIMZ skimmer pump called the “E Series”. it is very powerful with high air intake and low power consumption.

    There are four models, E4, E8, E10 and E12.

    The E4 can produce 540-780 l/h and E8 is 960 l/h of air intake. The power consumption for E4 is 12W and E8 is 20W.

  4. John Ong says:

    The New Skimz Monzter E series come in two types, the external and internal models.

    For more details:

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