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Posted on Saturday, March 27th, 2010 at 12:53 pm by

We visited Salty Critter in Vermilion OH, this week, and wanted to show you what we saw. Salty Critter opened it’s doors and began offering saltwater fish, corals and supplies back in 2000. Along with a 4000 gallons coral system, and over a 1000 gallons in fish system, the marine reef & aquarium store also offers aquarium maintenance services, custom tanks, and setup.

From ORA corals, Australian acans and chalices, to acropora colonies, zoanthinds and ricordeas, Salty Critter always has an extensive collection of corals available. The store has recently changed its layout, in anticipation of an impending upgrade (more info below). As you walk into the store, you are confronted with an entire half of the store, dedicated to a large supply of dry goods. You can find anything from Protein Skimmers, Calcium Reactors and accessories, aquarium controllers, wavemakers, powerheads, submittable and external pumps, metal halide, T5, PC and LED lighting options, aquarium maintenance tools and much more. There is even a portion of the store dedicated to used equipment, for those of us who are looking for upgrades at a bargain. Next to the register, Salty Critter stocks various salts, dry and live sand, aquarium additives, and a wide selection of dry and frozen foods.

As you make your way to the livestock section of Salty Critter, you will first see a a wide selection of nano tanks, along with the latest cubes and treads in the aquarium industry. Naturally, the store can’t stop every tank at every size, but just go ahead and ask owner Dan Leaky, or any of the Salty Critter staff members, and they will get you a quote.

The livestock section is usually stacked; the front tank has some high-end corals, including a full selection of ORA releases, and always has a wave going, thanks to a combination of the latest powerheads and wavemakers. Both sides of the center aisle are lines with rows of 40 gallon breeders, filled with choice SPS, LPS, Palys, anemones, and a selection of reef-safe fish and invertebrates. The right aisle contains large bins full of a nice variety of liverock. The end of the livestock section includes 2 separate fish-only system, which feature some excellent choices for both reef and fish only tanks.

Alright, now let’s talk a little about what’s to come. Salty critter is in the midst of a large expansion which will include additional fish systems, as well as a new propagation section which will feature several 10’x4’x16″ tanks, visible from both sides. This new system, will allow Salty to offer and stock a larger selection of corals species and colors. Check back with us to watch this transformation.

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