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Posted on Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 at 10:49 am by

This beautiful 100 gallon reef tank made us drool. A 3 foot wide overflow, drains down to a sump containing a bubbleking, zeovit reactor, calcium reactor and a media reactor running KZ activated carbon. This tank uses two Red Dragon pumps as returns. Flow is provided 4 powerhead, 2 tunze nanostreams (5500 l/h), and 2 tunze 13000 l/h in the back. This beautiful reef tank is lighted by 10 54w T5s.

These SPS dominant reef tank, contains over 100 species of corals, 20 gobies, and 30 other fishes (wrasses, anthias, etc).

Maintenance schedule of this reef tank includes a 10% water change every 2 weeks. The owner uses KZ zeovit products, for improved water quality and coral color.

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