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Reefbuilders Back Pedals after Attacking Sexy Corals

Posted on Monday, January 10th, 2011 at 5:11 pm by
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Reeftools is committed to giving you the full scoop on all things reef even when they involve a little reef drama. Recently, Reef Builders published this story

We were contacted by some of our readers immediately after the story was published and asked for our opinion. We are a pretty laid back group here, and we are rarely concerned with what others are doing; free speech right? Hey, let people charge whatever they want, and the market will always end up reflecting true value.

After a few days, we received a copy of what seems to be an email trail between Mike of Sexy Corals and Jake Adams of Reef Builders. “Interesting,” we thought. The emails showed Jake trying to spin the initial post and pretend it was a marketing scheme. Mike from Sexy Corals seemed less than amused:

NOTE: we are reviewing an interesting point regarding these emails at this time. We’ll update this point shortly. For now, here is a link to a photo uploaded on a forum

Meanwhile, our source sent us this video.

So, we’re interested in hearing what people have to say about this issue? Pro Sexy Corals? Pro Jake? Don’t give a @#$#?

Bring it!

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17 Responses to “Reefbuilders Back Pedals after Attacking Sexy Corals”

  1. CHAD FARMER says:

    i MEET jAKE ONCE AND THOUGHT HE WAS A TOOL- to much of a know it all

  2. Tom L. says:

    I met Jake too and He came across arrogant to me.Yes too much of knowing it all i agree.

    Sad because just because you have a pen and a site to express your opinion ( of course its a Freedom of Speech ) , does not mean you can just write in that tone.

    For him to monitor the vendors , i think thats a bit too much.
    All he can do is put side by side vendors and put price comparison ,even with that i think its stupid, but definitely not with the word ” Crack user/Drug dealer ” .

    It does not matter how much the guy charges, this does not make him a drug user/dealer. Its way too harsh.

    This is risky for RB because big corporate like Fosters and Smiths may not take too kindly to this type of behavior.

  3. Skipper says:

    Even though it is their website and they can publish what ever they want I think the article was in very poor taste. Equating high price with drug use is juvenile. And who gave them the right to tell other businesses how to price their merchandise? I really think it takes away from the image of reefbuilders. If they want to be considered a professional organization and have their reviews/news taken seriously they attack pieces like this won’t help. Lets face it, there are more professional ways to say “your corals are over priced” then “you must be smoking crack.”

  4. Curt says:

    That’s just weak stuff by Jake.

    Someone thinks he is a bit to important. I guess that’s what happens when you are a big fish in a little pond. Somehow this guy thinks that because he gives some talks at a conference here and there, he’s The Man.

    Get over yourself.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I agree with all these comments. I’ve met Jake a few times and he does in fact have a very self-important attitude. Jake acted very unprofessionally throughout this whole situation, and he should be worried about his more conservative sponsors not wanting to be associated with this.

    That was actually pretty cool (and smart) of Mike to send this to RT. Looks like Jake took it too far this time. He can dish it out, but can he take it? I hope this knocks him down a few pegs. Sexy Corals apparently doesn’t need RB’s “marketing” help.

  6. Anonymous says:

    “Way to go, Jake,” said the sycophant.

  7. Chris says:

    A lot of people told me that Jake was a douche but the SC article really put that in stone. Who is this self-righteous asshole, hiding behind a computer screen taking shots at a bonafide hobbyist with a frag tank in his basement? Oh yeah, nobody.

  8. Breeder says:

    Looks like a forgery at first glance. The first indicator is the lack of a consistent quoting style. Second, The dates don’t match. And even if you account for a time difference between the two computers it doesn’t line up. All the sexycorals emails take place in less than an hour, including the part outside the consistent quote. While jake’s take place over the course of 7 hours and go backwards in time(!). Lastly wouldn’t the subject be FWD: RE: Jake from Reef Builders?

    I don’t know if it is indeed real, but it doesn’t pass the sniff test. I can’t say I really trust either of these individuals considering Jake’s attitude and Sexy Corals’ business practices.

  9. Jim says:

    Breeder, interesting point about the quoting style, but it seems to be consistent with what I see on my email “conversations”.

    As for as the subject line, the answer is NO, it wouldn’t say FWD: Re: Jake from Reef Builders. If you go to Gmail and forward a “Re:” email, gmail automatically changed the “Re:” to FWD.

  10. Tom says:

    Honestly I hadn’t heard about this little outburst until I saw the post on FB. Clearly jake has the maturity of a 4 year old. That was a completely unprofessional and slanderous article. Clearly sexy corals cant have that bad of pricing if they are still in business and my guess is that they are doing pretty decent. Thats pretty big of mike to not do anything about it as I’m pretty sure he could have without much trouble.

  11. Anonymous says:

    THE 587 views on this post is just FAIL. RB probably gets that many views a second.
    BTW Get something real to blog about instead of bothering about other websites. You going to post of GBD went “down” in a fat ass way?
    To me it is pretty clear who the immature people in this case are.
    Since you f***in cowards don’t dare to use your own name in comments on RB.

  12. Allison says:

    According to these emails RB gets 50,000 views a week which is 714 a day.

    Even when Ice Cap was “changing” RT didn’t spin the truth on that like some others did. Out of respect, I don’t see RT making a negative post about GBD which I always thought was a better blog than RB and it’s a shame they are going to be less active. At least RT has been RESPECTFUL in all their posts. Not like Reefbuilders.

  13. Anonymous says:

    7142 actually but I guess it is hard to count…

  14. Charles Parks says:

    Ice Cap changing? You mean going out of business. RB didn’t spin anything. Glass box design is ran by an idiot who copied reef builders every day. Plus the guy is gay. Which is fine I guess I you like gay men.

    Whether you guys like it or not, Jake Adams speaks the truth. And there is no way that RB would ever pick Sexycorals to be a sponsor.

  15. Dan says:

    Well, I don’t know what Allison is saying about IceCap “changing” other. But Charles, if you have a problem with gay guys, and you clearly do, look no farther than Jake’s a## where you’ll find Ryan.

    And Jake would “pick” any friggin sponsor that would send him money.

    “Speaks the truth?” so now opinion is truth…interesting.

  16. Charles Parks says:

    I don’t know who this Ryan is. But I heard Jake doesn’t manage the site or the sponsors. He is just one of their editors.

  17. Too funny says:

    Well, that voicemail is absolutely Jake Adams, so I would assume that the email is real as well.

    Thats really embarrassing and totally discredits RB. Time to move on to some other blog.

    Regarding this “anonymous” post:

    THE 587 views on this post is just FAIL. RB probably gets that many views a second.
    BTW Get something real to blog about instead of bothering about other websites. You going to post of GBD went “down” in a fat ass way?
    To me it is pretty clear who the immature people in this case are.
    Since you f***in cowards don’t dare to use your own name in comments on RB.

    Your writing style clearly incriminates you. I know you, I can hear you writing that so clearly, anyone who has met you knows its you. You came to another blog to bash their members for calling you out on your complete and utter f-up?

    Do you really think you are anonymous, writing that way? You are only making it worse. Go back to your site and try and do something positive for once.

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