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Reef Dynamics XRC2000 Update

Posted on Thursday, April 28th, 2011 at 12:11 pm by

Earlier this week, we submitted part 1 of the Reef Dynamics XRC2000 Video, well, here is the complete version.

We left part one with the Reef Dynamics XRC2000 ready to be filled. If you’ve already watched part 1, skip ahead to 3:10 in the video timeline. You will see the skimmer being filled with the feed pump. The next shot is of the skimmer running. Oh man…so cool. Initially, the bubbles are about 13 to 14″ off the button. As the video continues, you can see that the chamber is now almost completely filled (only 7-8″ of the 3′ chamber are not full!) The use of several smaller pumps results in less turbulence than 1 large recirculating pump. Also, if one pump fails, the skimmer will continue to produce skimmate, whereas with one large pump, you’d have to replace it asap.

The video then skips to the next day, where the skimmer has been running for 24 hours. The feed rate is controlled by a schedule 80 ball valve. As far as airflow, each pump is running at about 14-15 liters per minute. As the bioload increases in the system, and the water-level in the skimmer itself drops, it will even out at 15 liters per minute. Now, take 15×7 (pumps) and you get a total of 105 liters/minute which can skim 2000 gallons with no problem.

Just to review, the Reef Dynamics XRC2000 is 16″ in diameter, the reaction chamber is 3′ tall, the transition plus the cup are another 2′ for a total of 60″. You can also see that RD added more holes the skimmer cup, to allow the absurd amount of air being pumped into the skimmer, a way to vent. Next, we get a perfect example of why you need a silencer on the skimmer drain.

Make sure to buy one of these for your next nano at Reef Dynamics.

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