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Reef Angel controller kit

Posted on Tuesday, March 16th, 2010 at 8:00 pm by
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Reef Angel is a new controller kit that offers the reefkeeper complete control over both hardware and software in order to accommodate any reefing needs. You can now build the controller you always wanted from the ground up, and use a simple interface and programming language to achieve your goals.

The Reef Angel utilizes a stable, open-source format, and is now available at a reduced price of $180 for the complete kit. The Reef Angel kit includes:
Main Board
– Assembled PCB board
* ATMega328P – microcontroller
* 2x 24LC256 – Serial I2C EEprom memory, one with jumper to block write access.
* PH circuit
* 128×128 color LCD screen
* DS3231 – Real time clock with battery backup
* Power LED
* Status LED, mainly used for alert and diagnostics.
* Thumb analog joystick
* 1x 8 Port I2C expander with inverter gate
* 1x 8 Port I2C expander with inverter gate circuit only (If you desire, you can solder the ICs to the board and have more I/O pins)

– Routed enclosure
– Mounting screws
– Assembly instructions

Relay Box
– Assembled PCB board
* 8x miniature relays
* relay driver circuit
* override and status LEDs circuit (the circuit is built in the board, but no switches or LEDs are going to be provided)
* PWM booster circuit for Meanwell drivers (Additional $15)
* 1000mA capable LED driver (Additional $25)
* 2x Plugable terminal connectors for LED cable if any of the 2 above choices are opted in.

– 8x Outlet sockets
– Inlet socket with built-in fuse compartment
– Connection wires
– Routed enclosure
– Mounting screws
– Assembly instructions

– 3x Temperature sensor ICs (They are not assembled in a cable)
– Connectors to assemble your own cable

Check it out on the Reef Angel website.

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