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Red Sea’s Aiptasia X – Imploding Anemones Since 2008

Posted on Wednesday, January 5th, 2011 at 11:25 am by
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As many of us have experienced, Aiptasia Anemones can quickly take over our tanks and any failed attempt at removal generally leads to the rapid multiplication of these nasty little @$#%s. Hobbyists around the globe have used every concoction possible to rid their systems of aiptasias and very few of them have had success. I personally have failed with the following home remedies: kalkwasser paste, lemon juice, and hot water. Not that all of them didn’t kill the visible anemones, becuase they did. They just happened to cause the anemone to release planula (larvae) which subsequently led to huge future invasions.

After several failed attempts and horrendous break outs, I decided to take the commercial route. I purchased two of the leading brands in aiptasia removal. To be polite I will not mention the first product that was a total bust. I used the product first and watched over the next few weeks as the tank repopulated with pests. I then used the second product, Aiptasia X. The differences were clear from the from the first injection. The anemones did not retract, they latched onto the syringe like Whitney Houston to a crack pipe. The thick substance became adhesive-like and actually sealed the mouth shut after the anemone willingly ingested some of it.

The best part was yet to come, after watching the anemone slowly close up it imploded! I love a good firework style aiptasia implosion show. The Aiptasia X is not only reef-safe, but its remains are totally harmless to the reef’s inhabitants. It took very little product to fully eradicate the tank, which is great because this bottle should last a while. I am now almost four weeks out and I have not seen a single aiptasia. Thank you Aiptasia X for helping my nervous twitch disappear like the aiptasias that plagued my reef.

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One Response to “Red Sea’s Aiptasia X – Imploding Anemones Since 2008”

  1. Jason says:

    I’d really like to know how they can market this stuff. Use of this has multiplied my aiptasia population by double. Makes them disappear for 3-4 days and they come back increased in numbers.
    I bought this stuff based on this review, and it has failed me. I tried approx dozen times, and do not think I killed one.

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