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Quite Possibly the Ugliest Fish in the Sea

Posted on Tuesday, January 25th, 2011 at 12:09 pm by

Photo courtesy of Reef Hot Spot

The Yellow Wartskin Anglerfish, Antennarius maculatus possesses a face that only a mother could love, yet its unique aesthetic and predator status keep it active within the hobby.

Also called Warty Frogfish, Wartskin Frogfish, and the Clown Wartskin Angler the Yellow Wartskin Anglerfish has highly recognizable characteristics such as its bumpy textured skin and its blotchy color variations. This fish uses it’s sub-par looks to blend into the reef, which is a great compliment to its sedentary lifestyle. In addition to the rough exterior the fish is able to change its color camouflaging itself to blend in even better.

Although slow moving, the bite of the Yellow Wartskin Anglerfish is speedy and impressive. They can swallow fish and invertebrates of the same size, making them an ultimate predator. Special care should be taken when selecting fellow tank mates. Often times, when hobbyists are having issues getting the Yellow Wartskin Anglerfish to eat, they will add chromis or damsels to the tank as colorful reef-safe incentives.

The Yellow Wartskin Anglerfish tops out at 6″ and should only be kept in tanks larger than 50 gallons. The ideal diet would include live saltwater feeder fish, shrimp, and small invertebrates. Considered “reef-safe”, the Yellow Wartskin Anglerfish is a great choice for the more refined hobbyist, as long as the clean-up crew is able to be used for dietary purposes.

The Yellow Wartskin Anglerfish is generally priced between $100-$250 for a small 2-3″ specimen, shop around.

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3 Responses to “Quite Possibly the Ugliest Fish in the Sea”

  1. Kyle Gibby Gibson says:

    most awesome fish ever

  2. Skuba Steve says:

    I know! Right?

  3. Darrell says:

    Awesome fish. I had one, that i paid a pretty penny for. He was about an inch long. These guys swim in a manner that is sort of like nudibranches. I have a good amount of flow in my tank, and I think it led to my fishes demise. he got kicked up by the powerheads, and would get blown all around the tank. If you would like to keep this fish, I would recomend a tank without a lot of flow, and because of their eating habits, they probably do better without tank mates.

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