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Prism AC by Unique LED Lighting – First Look

Posted on Monday, April 4th, 2011 at 11:10 am by

We are very excited to provide you with a first look at the Prism AC LED Fixture by Unique LED Lighting. The Prism AC is a fan-less fixture, which features 18 Cree XP-E LEDs, 9 Cool White and 9 Royal Blue. The Prism AC has dual-dimmable controls, allowing us to control the intensity of each color spectrum. This extra level of control can achieve colors from 460nm to 8500 K.

LED Lighting did a good job packing the light, each element is individually wrapped, for ultimate protection. Our first impression is that this fixture is very solid. The dimming control knobs feel sturdy, and the power cord wiring is well done. Each color channel is clearly marked and setup is quite simple. Installing the hanging kit was very easy, just slide the acrylic pieces into place, and tighten the screw. We will be adding this fixture over one of our tanks shortly, and will post an update.

Here are some photos that showcase the Prism AC.

We were given this product for review with the understanding that it will in no way influence our opinions.

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One Response to “Prism AC by Unique LED Lighting – First Look”

  1. Scott says:

    Just FYI – I bought three of these in 2011 and the transformers blew in two of them. For the first one, Unique replaced it (it took SIX calls to them). For the second one, they’ve not returned a call in four weeks nor will they answer the phone. I called the store I bought it from and they said that Unique has not been “supporting their product for at least a year now”. Avoid.

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